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Holistic Wellness Center in Fargo, ND provides Energy Healing using Reiki, Massage Therapy, Oils

We specialize in Life Force Energy, Reiki, Herbal Formulations, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Magnetic Therapy Negative Ion Healing Jewelry

Nature's Healing Links

In-Balance Wellness Center:

4553 9th Ave. SW Suite 3A

FARGO, North Dakota

EASY LOCATION: North of Conlin's Furniture off west side of 45th Street.

Nature's Healing Links is at 'In-Balance' Massage Therapy. We are here to serve you using diverse holistic healing options that work. Inside, you will find Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Life Force Energy Healing. Stephanie does therapeutic massage using multiple techniques and Reiki. Stacey (ME) does Life Force Energy Healing as described below. This is an ALL-IN- ONE- Holilstic HEALING Center!

What WE Offer

Stephanie~ Therapeutic Massage & Reiki

(701) 492-3003


Stacey~ LIFE FORCE ENERGY HEALING (Cellular repair eliminating DISEASE-causing TOXINS) * Infra-red Sauna Dome * ML Laser Treatment for Chronic Pain * TESLA BioHealers

(701) 321-1042

Stephanie & Stacey

Call Stacey Lynn for a LIFE FORECE ENERGY HEALING Appointment @ (701) 321-1042

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This 💥 LIFE FORCE ENERGY HEALING has been the BEST kept SECRET 🤫 (sshhhhh) and hidden by the medical and pharmaceutical industry for centuries. Hidden on purpose.

GOD is our phenomenal Creator. None of this is by accident. His plan is Divine and perfect. ❤️ And it is time to start BELIEVING in Him fully and completely. It is time to BELIEVE in His miracles. ❤️

I’m going to introduce you to a natural healing option unlike anything you have ever heard before❗️ Life Force Energy Healing has been the BEST kept SECRET 🤫 for far too long. Your body is self-healing, BUT unfortunately; it is exposed to far more toxins than it can genetically handle. Toxins are dead particles found in the genetically modified foods, drinks, and man-made chemical drugs we ingest. Toxins are in our environment via electronics, appliances, lights, and air & water pollution.

Life Force Energy can assist your body in healing on a cellular level, one cell it at a time. Boosting cell restoration and removing disease-causing toxins from the body is critical for the body in our present-day toxin-filled lifestyles.
By using critical healing devices and/or wearing mineral-lined jewelry, you can enter into a new environment created specifically for supporting cells optimally, healing the body naturally and effectively just as your cellular structures were designed to do.

More than 90% of all known diseases result from toxemia. Toxemia is toxins in the blood caused by the toxic, man-made foods/ drinks and medications that we put into our bodies along with harmful EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) found in today’s technology in our everyday environment 📞We, humans, NEED negative ions. Negative ions thrive on and thrive with other negative ions. Negative ions are found in anything that is living and has natural electrical charges. 🙂

Underlying almost every disease state is an inflammatory state due to an unhealthy accumulation of toxins/positive ions, and related to this inflammatory state is the pervasive nature of free radical formation in the body. A free radical is a particle in the body that is missing an electron, and because of this,… it goes haywire. 💫 Our body naturally produces toxins or waste products as part of normal living and metabolism. Our body also naturally eliminates them on a daily basis as well, so no harm is done. The problem is when we ingest or are exposed to far more toxins than the body can expel. Toxins then accumulate in our blood and our body. This causes cells to transform into free radicals that steal electrons from a healthy atom, which then become unstable. Because of this, cells are forced to settle for nutrients that are less compatible to the rightful/needed and desperately sought out nutrients. This causes degeneration. Mutation takes over, which is what can cause cancer. This deadly process is called chronic systematic inflammation. More than 90% of disease is caused from this chronic systematic inflammation.

Now, I have something for you to think 🤔What if I told you that you could have control over your health❓What if I told you that you can control the amount of toxins within your body by eliminating unhealthy, excess toxins? And THIS IS how and why! 😊Our planet Earth 🌍These natural elements are the tools that your body needs in order to heal itself❗️The more electrons (aka... nutrients. aka negative ions. aka natural elements. aka anti-oxidants) you get into your body to settle and ease those rampant free radicals, the more your cells, tissues, and organs move from a state or DISEASE to a state of EASE and HEALING.

Healing occurs when your cells get saturated with these natural elements; bringing your body to an equilibrium and homeostasis. Simply put, your intake of these magical minerals needs to be greater than your toxic intake.
There are 13 minerals found on Earth that are found to reflect back far-infrared radiation. Our skin, which happens to be our body’s solar panel, is photo-receptive and trigger and signal different wave-forms of light, signaling different physiological processes in the body. By introducing far- infrared to the body, it then signals each cell that is exposed to this radiation to take its mitochondria and to enhance the production of ATP (fuel of the body) by as much as 32 times. This enhanced energy source to the mitochondria, enhanced oxygenation, enhanced circulation, enhanced energy can only make you feel fully charged because you have reduced inflammation by absorbing all of these electrons. Energy always pushes from a higher energy potential to a lower energy potential. It happens passively and naturally EVERYWHERE in nature. When your thermal body is in contact with minerals/electron donors, your body heat activates these crystals causing these crystals to radiate this specific wave-form of light (far-infrared) that the skin (photo receptor cells) gets the signal to push out more ATP. This awakens the atom with energy. So when a damaged tissue in one area needs more energy than a healthy tissue in a different area, some of this extra energy is then taken from this good tissue that seems to have come out of nowhere and is thrusted into the damaged tissue. This reduces the inflammation and promotes our body’s natural healing processes to take place.
Since we can’t spend our time laying on the ground or walking barefoot, I have that problem covered...

Ladies and gentlemen,
it can be as easy as wearing a simple piece of jewelry that is lined with these electron donor, negative ion~minerals of the Earth.
It can also be as easy as laying on an infra-red, mineral-lined bed . Which I also have to utilize and rest on.

In case you are hesitant, let me say this .... I have 95% happy customers who become full believers in this mystical transformation. I have several testimonies to check out for yourself❗️This was a lot of information, and it covers what I specialize in.

You don’t need to waste another second of your life struggling with a life-debilitating health condition. Let me help you live the life you were meant to live ❗️

To visit with me about my services and/or schedule an appointment, you can contact me at (701) 321-1042.

Your 'Healing Links' ~ Life Force Energy Healing Jewelry

Channel healing, enhanced mood, and energy throughout your entire body by wearing a piece of jewelry!